Beijing HYT Translation Co., Ltd. is a formal translation company registered in Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce.

As a language institution focusing on technical translation, HYT has powerful translation resources and strong technical support, so that we can, in a short time, complete a variety of high-quality translation tasks. HYT boasts an excellent team composed of translation experts, senior proofreaders, foreign consultants, senior engineers and international lawyers, whose efforts provide a strong guarantee for our outstanding service.

Being an institution specializing in translation service, HYT attracts talents from various industries, who are interested in the translation business. In the field of English, our professional translators have industry backgrounds and deep language skills, strong interest in English, and several years of experience in related fields. They have solved many problems by means of their good language training, proficient listening, speaking, reading and writing ability as well as industry backgrounds; in either situation, interpreters are able to complete every business meeting, exchange and negotiation to the satisfaction of customers, having enhanced exchanges between domestic and foreign enterprises and promoted commercial transactions. English translation has become a brand of HYT because of its powerful translation team. With more than 100 outstanding full-time English translators and experienced proofreaders, HYT provides translation services in various professional fields. Translation prices are determined according to profession, difficulty, use and quantity of articles and customer requirements, with reasonable cost performance.

English translation specialists:
• National proofreaders from across the country, and returnees from Britain and America;
• Professionals from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University, Beijing Foreign Language Studies University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutes as well as higher professional personnel from other institutions;
• Other professionals with many years of experience in English translation;
• Most of the professional English translators and experts have senior professional titles, and master’s degrees or above, of whom many have advanced translation qualifications.

English translation services:
• A variety of business and legal documents, contracts, scientific and technical materials, company profiles, product descriptions, training manuals, market research reports, financial analysis, technical patents;
• Application materials for study abroad, and notary materials;
• Product descriptions and operating manuals of large-scale equipment and production lines, and project bidding documents;
• Translation of video tapes, films and television series, as well as a variety of simultaneous interpretation of international conferences and translation of negotiations, business tourism, English translation of foreign trade, visit translation, accompanying services, etc.;
English translation with regard to machinery, finance, communications, media, metallurgy, petroleum, natural gas, advertising, electricity, chemicals, clothing, software, chemical engineering, environmental protection, automotive, IT, computers, electronics, electrics and other fields.

Translation process: customer requirement -> evaluation and quotation -> confirmation of intent for cooperation-> translation -> editing and proofreading -> layout, inspection and delivery -> completion of project

Interpretation process: customer requirement -> evaluation and quotation -> confirmation of intent for cooperation-> interpretation -> completion of project

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